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    Bantu temanku ya...

    http://www.firstgiving.com/chrysantkusumowardoyo?ref=facebook&type=app Atau paling tidak tolong bantu untuk sebarkan informasi ini.. Terima kasih banyak sebelumnya! xox
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    Pakis dan Bambu

    Alkisah, tersebutlah seseorang yang putus asa dan ingin meninggalkan segalanya. Meninggalkan pekerjaan, hubungan, dan berhenti hidup. Ia lalu pergi ke hutan untuk bicara yang terakhir kalinya dengan Tuhan Sang Maha Pencipta. Tuhan, katanya. Apakah Tuhan bisa memberi saya satu alasan yang baik untuk jangan berhenti hidup dan menyerah? Jawaban Tuhan sangat mengejutkan. Coba lihat ke sekitarmu. Apakah kamu melihat pakis dan bambu ? Ya,jawabnya. Ketika menanam benih pakis dan benih bambu, Aku merawat keduanya secara sangat baik. Aku memberi keduanya cahaya. Memberikan air. Pakis tumbuh cepat di bumi. Daunnya yang hijau dan segar menutupi permukaan tanah hutan. Sementara itu, benih bambu tidak menghasilkan apapun. Tapi aku tidak menyerah.” Pada tahun kedua, pakis tumbuh makin subur d
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    And I....

    I don’t know why I suddenly feel so home sick. I have been away for less than 2 months. It is still way too short compare to my being in the NL for my master degree. But since it is so different between living here and my other being-away-from-homes, it seems like I am not handling it very well. I guess living here in Caracas requires me being very much independent. Even the smallest thing has to be done by myself. I lack of my support system, particularly my emotional support system. You can imagine not having to talk to anyone about your deepest thoughts when you have actually spent so much time digging and spilling your thoughts out to your most trusted souls before. Now the question is am I really feeling home sick or I am just feeling lonely? Spare me a few minutes…. Well
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    A new life

    I have begun my new life in Caracas.It has only been two days. I still feel scared to the idea that I am going to live here for another three years, 5 months and 28 days. I cannot yet ensure myself to be brave and face this with a more open arms. Everything seems to appear difficult and I have yet no idea of how to deal with things. Even a simple thing like meals. This is bigger than my Geneva’s life. Even bigger than my ISS’s life. But I need to give myself time and a chance. I am so lucky to have loved ones who keep encourage me even before I took my flight to Caracas. Those are real friends and I thank them and love them so much. All I need to do now is keep those love that has been sent away from every corner of the world and turn it into a strength that helps me to keep o
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    New Year

    I just want to wish you all a happy new year. May 2009 brings you more success and happiness. if you got a new year’s resolution then good for you. if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. your life resolutions don’t always come on a new year day. they can pop up anytime. it is the willingness to progress and be better that counts. well, I haven’t set my own new year’s resolutions. I haven’t figured out what I want this year. I had a wonderful 2008 and I believe my 2009 is going to be awesome as well. I hope your’s too. Cheers!
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    A Chainned-Curse from a friend

    The rules are simple. Use google image to search the answers to the quetions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people. Ready, Get Set & Go! 1. THE AGE OF NEXT BIRTHDAY   2.THE PLACE I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT 3. MY FAVOURITE PLACE 4. MY FAVOURITE FOOD   5. MY F...
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    The Actress

    I am an actress I know well how to live a character I am excellent in playing any role I am best at expressing feelings Cast me for your script and I play your star I am drama, I am action, I am science fiction I am horror, I am comedy, I am anime But when the lights are off and the camera stops rolling Do you know me? Do you even recognise me? I have my own script I am my own star And I am just me
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    write your thoughts

    why another blog? i don’t know. as i try to provide myself with spaces to write, i barely write. i remember scratching all over my school books with words and pictures. and now all the books are gone with all the thoughts written down on it. maybe this blog can become a permanent thought-keeper. i hope. let’s begin.


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